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06/09/2017 12:28pm

It's a tough question for me and I can't answer you right now. I hope it's not a problem.


It's a fantastic question! I think you should ask some black people and they will probably answer you.

10/14/2017 3:38am

I wish we could understand that. But it's really hard to do that for some reason.

11/07/2017 12:03pm

I feel as in most cultures it varies. I do agree with you that because of history it is very hard to pin point. I can only give perspective about my race, culture & experience. In the black community there are many different subcultures & depending on what part of America you grew up in there’s more. If you were born & raised in the south you may have a tendency to believe in & focus on education, being well mannered & family oriented in the traditional sense. Where my west coast AA tend to be a little more relaxed & less conservative. Now there’s a big generational gap that divides us even more. Personally what I’ve been trying to do is find like minded people who can respectfully agree to disagree while continuing our journey to up lift our culture in positive ways. What are you doing?


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